Saturday, July 27, 2013

Boycott Rolling Stone

The whole Rolling Stone Magazine Cover thing pissed me off royally. If it doesn't piss you off, okay... whatever. On my end, I see slipping a terrorist of the cover of the magazine kinda like slipping a heroin pill into a box of tic-tacs. I could go on for days about this issue.

And if you don't see it, well, you don't see it.

But think about this: at the end of the day Rolling Stone Magazine upset a whole bunch of people, including the Mayor of Boston, the Police, the Firemen, the people that were in the blast circle, and a million other people like me.

This might be a little over simplified, but let's cut a line down the middle. On the left we'll put the people that don't want to see people hurt, in any way. I'm on this side. On the right we'll put the people that don't care if people get hurt. The bomber is on this side.

If you are against the Rolling Stone Magazine cover, you are on my side.

If you simply don't understand why there is a problem with the cover, that's fine.

But if you're standing up in favor of the cover, you're also saying that you don't care about the people that were hurt by that cover photo. Don't kid yourself, people were hurt by that cover. I was hurt by that cover. I was offended, and disgusted, and hurt.

If you want to go on about freedom of speech, or state that Rolling Stone have been a political magazine for years, or say that people are just looking for something to complain about, go right ahead.

But people were hurt by that cover, and by their lack of sensitivity. That's a fact.

If you don't care about people, well... what can I say?

The Bomber doesn't care about people either.

While I was extremely pissed off I wrote a song and stuck it on Youtube.

It's not exactly Horror Punk but it came from the heart.

Check it out:

Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Update - 2013

Things have been quite on this blog for a bit. Sorry about that.

I was deep in the middle of studio stuff when my partner Ron became sick. This is the wrong place to discuss personal matters, but I can safely say that his illness became the number one focus around here and the recording process has been put on hold for the time being.

Needless to point out, I sure hope he gets better soon.

Meanwhile, I've been quietly writing new songs and running my business, Books of the Dead Press. During this downtime I've been considering a few things, like putting a band together, or perhaps playing a few shows acoustically.

If I put a band together first, then start playing, the band will likely be a little harder than the songs I've recorded, bordering on punk rock.

If I start playing live first, picking up players as I go, I have a feeling that I'll be, more or less, falling into the Folk Punk category, or perhaps even creating a new genre of music... something I've been referring to as Horror Folk.

Actually, a few people have pointed out that 'Horror Folk' is exactly what I'm doing. It wasn't my intention, but apparently, that's the gig.

Not sure how this will play out.

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, November 26, 2012


My song, "Living Dead Blues" has just been featured on Jerry Vayne's BIG SCARY SHOW - episode XVI - along side Dee Walace (E.T., Cujo, The Howling), Denise Crosby (Star Trek, Pet Sematary, Dexter), and special effects artist Beki Ingram (Face Off).

I'm pretty excited about this - I'm a big fan of Scream Queen Dee Walace, who I was lucky enough to meet last year at Horrorfind (she seems nice!). 

Here's the press release from Big Scary Show:

Thanksgiving is upon us and it’s time to take a break from your busy schedule enjoy family, friends and some down time with the Big Scary Show.

We have served up quite a feast for you in this episode kicking things off with Beki Ingram, special effects artist for many recent horror films and a very noteworthy contestant on SyFy’s Face/Off season 2.

We also check in with Denise Crosby star of Pet Sematary and the closest thing Star Trek has to an undead character.

For that extra helping you probably can’t fit but are not going to pass on, we talk with Dee Wallace who has appeared in just about every movie in the 80’s that gave you a new fright.

The Round Table of Terror brings together the (g)Hosts after a tiring season to discuss some of the goings on and how the 2012 season affected the industry. Turn down the TV and tune in as this roundtable delivers the classic conversation that only the Big Scary Show has, with some ideas to contemplate for next season, maybe even a laugh or two.

Badger brings the cranberry dressing to compliment his interviews with a sweet slice of Deadline News.

The Unknown Scare-Actor brings out another surprise as you choose what pie to complete your meal with, and talks about what could be more frightening then Tryptophan this Thanksgiving on Face Your Fears.

Like the crazy uncle in the corner Storm talks turkey in a Haunt Minute.

We have left the big honor of carving up some wild tunes for your holiday to the master of metal himself Jerry Vayne.

There is also a big Facebook Milestone to celebrate, so we are actually going to talk with a Big Scary Show winner and the big prize we have from our friends at Midnight Syndicate.

What is left of the turkey is in the fridge waiting to become sandwiches, the family is asleep on the couch, and the last minutes of the football games have ticked off the clock, it’s time to download your Thanksgiving treat and slip back into the darkness.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to the Big Scary Show!!!


Terror Television
Raizing Hell

Saturday Night Double Feature
Radio Cult

Living Dead Blues
James Roy Daley

Listen to the show HERE (Episode 16).

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Interview with Eerie Von

This is an interview that I did with Eerie Von (Misfits, Samhain, Danzig) a couple years ago, around the time he did the cover art for the hardcover limited edition of my first novel, The Dead Parade. The interview was originally posted on my publishing blog, Books of the Dead Press. I figured it made sense to repost it here. Enjoy...

With the upcoming limited edition release of my book The Dead Parade getting nearer - thank you Bad Moon Books - I thought I'd spend a moment getting to know the cover artist a little better. Eerie Von - famous for his work with MisfitsSamhain, and Danzig - was kind enough to do a little Q & A with me. Enjoy.

James Roy Daley ~
 Many people figure playing live is the best part about being a musician, but some players enjoy the creative process more than the stage time. What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Eerie Von ~ I love it all. The songwriting and recording becomes more rewarding as time goes by. As you get better at it, it becomes easier to achieve the sounds you hear in your head. That can be very satisfying. The live performance is the validation of that hard work and lets you see that you are reaching people thru the songs, giving people a little pleasure. That's what it's really all about for me.

JRD ~ What do you consider the best/most enjoyable gig you’ve ever played?

EV ~ Too many to name just one. I've never had a bad time on stage. I've had terrific gigs, in a room of 100 people, and I've had wonderful experiences in front of 100,000. Playing to a small crowd is much harder than a big one.

JRD ~ How about the worst gig?

EV ~ Besides technical problems, I don't remember any bad ones. There must have been a few but when you're a pro you do what you have to; you make every show a good one. I mostly worked with guys that knew how to do that. I'm sure I have a bad show in my future, but I'd rather not think about it.

JRD ~ What song are you most proud of?

EV ~ From the past, (Danzig, Samhain) I was more proud of whole records, rather than any one song. I didn't contribute to the compositions much, so I tended to take pride in the performances of the songs on record, and Live. I'm not sure if I've written my best songs yet. I hope not. I am proud of the songs on the "Kinda Country" record. This is my best work to date.

JRD ~ Studio time can be exciting, amazing, jaw dropping, boring, frustrating, tiring, repetitive, nerve-wracking and on occasion it can lead to a full-on fistfights. Good or bad, what studio experience is most memorable for you?

EV ~ With Danzig we worked hard before going into the studio––lots of rehearsal and pre-production. When we got into the studio we knocked the stuff out. Basics never took more than a week or so. We never had any fights or big blow-ups. In Samhain we just went in and did the whole record in one or two days. As long as we got it right, that was it. No Drama. I've been lucky.

JRD ~ What’s the best song you’ve ever recorded?

EV ~ I don't know that I've gotten there yet. Like I said, I'm very proud of all the records I've made.

 Most players have recorded a pocket full of songs they never want to hear again. Assuming you have a few songs in this category, what are they?

EV ~ I don't like "Girl" from the Danzig II Lucifuge, album. Never liked it, only played it once Live I think, can't remember. Don't care if I ever play "Mother" again.

JRD ~ Who is your favorite band?

EV ~ The StonesBeatlesThe Doors… Allman BrothersSoundgarden was a great band.

JRD ~ Which three horror movies are your favorites?

EV ~ I like old stuff, mostly the 30's-50's stuff. Hard to say, I like Monsters, so all the Universal Stuff. I like The Shining, and Angel Heart a lot, not too into slasher-flicks much. Some of the stuff coming out of Japan is really awesome. I like when it's more of a suspense thing. What's inside your head is more frightening to me than some guy running around hacking people up.

JRD ~ What’s next for Eerie Von?

EV ~ Gotta get this record out, and go on the road for it. It's all up in the air right now. I have many irons in the fire, so who knows? I'm just gonna keep doing what I do, and things will reveal themselves to me. I don't make plans, I just live, and change with the changes.

 Thanks Eerie. You’re the best.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Music of Horror-Punks Volume 3

A couple months ago I joined a web-based community called Horror-Punks. Right away, I liked what I saw. It's a community for horror-music artists and fans. I consider myself to be both.

I uploaded my song "Living Dead Blues" and was curious to see what the response would be. I know damn well that the actual "sounds" I've been creating is a far cry from punk-rock, even if my heart isn't.

The song became a featured track on their website. A few days later it was picked up by the Horror-Punks radio station. And today the song was released on the Horror-Punks compilation album, THE MUSIC OF HORROR-PUNKS VOLUME THREE.

I'm very excited to have a song included in this release. This is the first time one of my solo tracks have been in a project of this nature, and it's great first step for me and my horror music project to join the larger horror-music community.

The album is HUGE - three discs. Better yet, it's currently available as a free download, so be sure to grab a copy while the grabbin' is good!

I should thank the guys that run Horror-Punks: Marquis DeBlood, Shane Hahn, Josh Haney, and Shane Diablo. They've welcomed me into their community with open arms.  

Here's the music of Horror-Punks Volume 3 track list:
(Get your copy HERE.) 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Song #5 - Freddy Concedes

This song was a bitch to record (And it's a free download... go on... take it!). Wait a minute... didn't I already say that?

Yep. Of course I did. Because when you're recording songs with no bandmates the songs are always a bitch to record. At least, that's my experience so far.

Still... you hear the drums? Hear the guitar?

No. That's because... wait for it... after we spent hours upon hours recording them, we tossed them in the garbage! I wanted to cry into my pillow that night, but I think it was the right thing to do. After much thought we decided that the drums and guitar were acting as the rhythm section, moving the song into a musical no-man's land and destroying whatever emotional value the piano line was adding.

Does it sound like I have my head up my ass? Sorry about that.

I'm well-aware that songs about Freddy Krueger don't have much 'emotional value'. But that's the funny thing about this song. I tried to make a ridiculous topic serious. The idea came to me one night when I was driving home. A song came on the radio: Don Henley's The Heart of the Matter.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Song #4 - Vampire Slayer

This song was a bitch to record.

(And right now it’s a free download – so take it!)

The drums sound pretty simple, right? That’s because they are pretty simple. But it wasn’t easy to get there, that’s for sure.

I’ve honestly lost track of the amount of false starts we had with this song. Not because I would play the drums poorly, but because we would discover – after the fact – that the drums weren’t really working.

When we record a track we do it like this: